SUCCCESS My definition of success seems to change every couple of years. It also seems that the concept of failure is becoming a bigger and bigger part of that definition. Wise people (who are they again?) would say that failure builds character and makes you stronger and makes the successes greater. I think I agree, […]

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What is “success”? Are you “successful”? How does it feel to succeed? Who is someone you think is successful? What is “your truth”? What does it mean to you to “live your best life”? What is “failure”? What role does fear play in your life? What role does courage play in your life? What empowered […]

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Let’s talk about success. Julia reached out to friends she saw as pursuing what they see as success, happiness, and their personal truths and I had a real, aw shucks moment being thought of for this. But first, little introduction, hi, hey there, I’m Austin. If you’re reading this, you might know Julia. Or, maybe […]

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“I am starting off by inviting people to write who really inspire me.” Well, Julia, without people like you helping to inspire me, I wouldn’t be where I am. It’s friends like you that remind me that what I’m doing, what my values are, and what I want to fight for, are worthwhile. So, thank […]

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Julia asked, “Are you successful?” and my first response was “I don’t know, am I?” My second response was “no.” I haven’t been feeling very successful, lately. I’m finishing up my first year as a Ph.D. student, and for some reason, I had this delusion that it wouldn’t be hard. I’ve always excelled at what […]

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Fearless. It’s one of my favorite words. It depicts an image of strength, bravery, resiliency. I admire those traits. I desire to be characterized by them. You see, I am often scared. Almost daily I feel the weighted chains of fear. Shadows of insecurities encircle my dreams. It’s frustrating. I used to think that because […]

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